Built right. Built to last.


We have the MATERIALS.

At EBSC, we don't cut corners:

We use only the best raw materials to construct your projects -

and we test our work for quality at each stage of production.


We have the TOOLS.

We've invested in the best welding machines, saws, planers, grinders, adhesives, etc. available -

We've developed our own set of custom, full-length vacuum tables -

And we provide our team with ongoing training 

and cutting edge technology -

All so that we can provide YOU with the industry's best

custom fiberglass floors, ceilings, wall panels and slideouts.


We have the TECHNIQUES.

We've been in partnership with custom vehicle manufacturers

for over twenty-five years.

And we've used that time to refine and develop

our reputation and our knowledge.

So we know what works - and what doesn't.

Give us a call, and let our advanced techniques work for YOU!

Quality: from Start to Finish



Our walls are designed to be sturdy

AND light - keeping you, your family

and your cargo safe, while also ensuring

you get the best gas mileage possible.



You won't have to worry about

falling boulders or trees -

or UV damage! - with an EBSC roof

over your head!



Say "Goodbye" to squeaks and creaks - 

not to mention leaks and moisture damage!

Our floors create a solid foundation

that will last for years.


Not only can we help you to build and design your custom slideouts,

we can also help to make sure that they - or your existing models -

will continue to slide out... AND back in again!

All in Custom Sizes


Got a special project that the assembly-line factories won't touch?

WE'RE your shop!  Custom sizes are no problem.

And we'll work with you to have your parts 

designed, built and delivered ASAP!

New Construction and / or Repair Parts


We can help you build from the ground up

OR help you to RE-build after an accident

or remodel after you've had a great idea.

Just give us a call and we'll be happy to get to work!