Radiant Technology & Composites, Inc. Insulation

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Engineered Bonded Structures & Composites, Inc., in the exclusive distributor for Radiant Technology & Composites, Inc.'s patented lines 

of Radiant Barrier and Kozy Wrap thermal insulation.

We can deliver to you directly or have your order shipped to your location, anywhere in North America.

And we can assist you in installation techniques and best practices.

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Radiant Technology Automotive / RV Insulation


Radiant Barrier insulation is available in a variety of sizes,

(4', 6', 8', 80", 90", 74", 102"), in sheets and in rolls.

"Kozy Wrap" consists of single- or double-sided fire seal protection,

with easy, self-adhesive application.

And our acoustical foam insulation forms an excellent sound barrier.

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Radiant Technology Housing Insulation


How would you like to save 50% on your annual 

home (or business!) heating and cooling bills?

Not only is it possible, it's already happening in homes,

barns and businesses across America!

With Radiant Technology's patented insulation,

installation is easy AND affordable!

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