Custom-made Repair Kits at YOUR Request!


Are you facing a problem...?

Has an accident - or years of wear and tear - left damage 

in your RV's, automobile's, boat's, specialty vehicle's, etc.'s

fiberglass walls, ceiling and/or floor?  We can help!

Whether it's something minor, like a dent, a scratch or a crack,

something major, like collision damage or delamination,

or something in between, like a slideout that won't... slide out...

WE CAN HELP!  Just give us a call for a FREE CONSULTATION!

We didn't build it, but we can help you FIX it!

We know the industry: we've seen it all.  And we can help you fix it all.

We're familiar with the construction methods used throughout the industry;

but OUR construction methods will help you fix your problem, once and for all.

Custom sizes / Custom materials

We're able to supply a variety of repair kits and parts:

from isolated, one-piece substitutions to complete wall replacements,

here at EBSC, we've got you covered! 

Efficient production means a much shorter wait!

On average, from phone call to delivery, 

we meet our customers' needs within a week,

often within days.

How is this possible?  We keep our supply of repair parts full -

so we're always ready, prepared and able to meet your needs.

Come pick it up... or have it delivered!

When we're finished preparing and packing your repair part,

you're welcome to stop on by to pick it up personally -

or we'll work with you and help you arrange to have it delivered.

Contact us NOW!

Don't let your dent, crack, creak, delamination, etc. get worse.

Let's address it now - together! - and get this issue resolved!

Just give us a call at (574) 266-3471 and we'll be happy to help!